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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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evolution kill hollywood this is a headline from the reformed broker dot com and josh brown says when the revolution begins and becomes apparent one doesn't sit on his porch and watch one gets his gun off the mantel and kisses the family goodbye on his way out to the field oh yeah all the war is on and the kill hollywood campaign has started you know we have the occupy wall street movement on top of the arab spring movement but this kill hollywood movement is really interesting because it sets the stage for a civil war in america yet domestically in california with think northern california silicon valley the tech community versus hollywood the old oligarchic neo feudal caste system but so reformed broker however josh brown is that talking in particular about why combinator this is a startup seed funder and they looked at this situation they saw sopa and they said hollywood appears to have peaked if it were an ordinary industry film camera say or
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typewriters it could look forward to a couple of decades of peaceful decline but this is not an ordinary industry the people who run it are so mean and so politically connected that they could do a lot of damage to civil liberties and the world economy on the way down it would therefore be a good thing if competitors hastened their demise right so why combinator is a seed fund capital farm which is pretty thanks for capital farm it's an integral part in the capital formation that is nasdaq that is the huge growth that we've seen in online and web two point zero now they've taken an adversarial position against hollywood because they recognize and as they say in that quote there are mean there are well capitalized and they cheat and there are a billet need to undermine the system and to destroy free speech and to destroy a lot of what makes the economy grow. it is such that they need not to be left
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alone to just with their away and die they need to be actively pursued and killed the industry of hollywood needs to be killed and you know he he says that they're going to get violent and nasty on their way down and we already see that we saw that with soap and he said this is or y. combinator says this indicates to them that hollywood is dying poor chris dodd is the next headline the former senator and now c.e.o. of the n.p.a. can't catch a break so he looked at the situation the defeat of sopa and he said it was just a p.r. thing and that he blames in particular the tech community he blames silicon valley he said you've got an opponent who has the capacity to reach millions of people with a click of a mouse and there's no fax checker. is afraid of him. but crist you know he's one of these extraordinarily corrupt american politicians who now runs in p.a.a. what is the m.p.a.
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in motion picture association of america and you often hear there may mention along with our i am the recording industry association of america and these two lobbying groups on behalf of hollywood and the extraordinarily narrow interests of the copyright cartel who is always for extension of copyright is put a muzzle on speech in america and on innovation in america to satisfy the whims of just a few oligarchs copyright cartel oligarchs in los angeles and as i mentioned it's a bit of a civil war because you've got the tech industry in northern california they've got the copyright laws in southern california and now these two are at loggerheads with each other and we're siding with the technology of course the open source and the free speech that the copyright cartel in hollywood is an ugly mug not believe position that's done incredible damage and i'm glad to see this fight finally spill out into the open it's been the shadows for a number of years now it's a mainstream fight the main event. no i want to show you just how america operates
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on this monopoly system here they have a digital dictator chris dodd he's the former senator for connecticut before that he was a congressman we'll show you a picture of me in connecticut one nine hundred seventy five that's the year that chris dodd first became a congressman noticed something i was a little tiny girl exactly like all those people in tahrir square who only grew up who only knew mubarak i have only ever known chris dodd and joe lieberman they were always our counters person are always our center they were always ruling us determining what connecticut could do and here he is he goes over to the n.p.a. and the whole internet space suddenly has become a genuine threat since mubarak was overthrown you mentioned mubarak and the mubarak regime toppled quickly because of the facebook revolution. move barack off guard obviously an entire region is still trying to figure out this whole thing of social media same thing with hollywood they have been quietly putting in for copyright
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term extensions for decades they've had their way for decades suddenly mobilization against sopa and pipa within a day within a week it was defeated in washington with lightning speed justice and those and those those those all the darks and all the wood were taken down a peg similar to the way mubarak was taken down and then the fight is on other people realize that hollywood is the enemy of free speech when mubarak realized the danger to his monopoly he controlled the all industry essentially in egypt as his private fiefdom now compare this to the n.p.a. hollywood realizes that there's a genuine threat to their monopoly position and what do they do they go on to state television fox news and threaten. the soldiers if they don't do
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enough violence on their behalf m.p. a openly threatens to pull funding from politicians who oppose them so chris dodd the head of the motion picture association of america went on to fox news and he said those who count on quote hollywood for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who's going to stand up for them when their job is that stake don't ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don't pay any attention to me when my job is that state it's a remarkable admission that these politicians are for sale and he's saying that unless you continue this monopoly position we're not going to be supporting you in washington anymore and that's really a remarkable admission and it shows you the stakes involved and it shows you why the internet community is mobilized now to take hollywood down and that's why y. combinator a seed capital firm has written an open letter saying we want to kill hollywood i
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mean this is an amazing emission by an integral part of the capital model in the united states that they're saying they want to kill hollywood and of course there are business models in the wings my own part of my film dot com which is geared toward doing exactly that the other important thing to know here is here he is going on to fox news state television he's threatening politicians to give him more funding to bail him out who is the man who actually wrote the legislation for sopa that was lamar smith a so-called tea party member he's demanding that the f.b.i. operate as their collection agency i imagine here's an industry the motion picture association which their product hollywood films very few of them have ever made a profit probably less than a dozen in the last thirty years have ever technically earned a profit now imagine the tea party is freaked out that barack obama bailed out
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g.m. . at least they made a profit in many years and they do make a profit when they sell a car hollywood doesn't actually make any profit they claim so why are we subsidizing why would we get the f.b.i. out which they start making sure nobody buys toyotas in order to protect g.m. from their you know bad habits of building cars that nobody could afford to operate what is the hollywood accounting as it's called is the original enron style accounting they book any incremental profits in the short term and then they amortize losses for infinity the executives pay themselves on this cookbook mentality and now you see it running rampant throughout the entire economy the banks on wall street for example they book all their short term profits they dump the losses into the public domain so this is now being carried back and forth then the insider trading between hollywood washington and wall street exchanging information then there's another lobbying group the creative coalition nice to be on the board that organization and now the people are beginning to realize that
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hollywood is the enemy we need to kill hollywood. and part of that is that they don't want ideas to flourish because this global cartel system that we see the oligarchies that controls everything they realized in the last year since mubarak was toppled that ideas are so much more powerful than even one of the most heavily controlled economies in the world so you see this also in the currency that has kept that alive is the dollar and you also see the same sort of response as sopa to the dollar currency wars iran banned from trading gold and silver reuters reports that the e.u.'s agreed to freeze the assets of the iranian central bank and ban all trade in gold and other precious metals with the iranian central bank and other public bodies and around max so this is just applying to the your peon union they also are not allowed to trade oil with iran so how do you
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think this is going to affect the euro the dollar and will it preclude china russia or other nations like india from kentucky operating no course on its financial suicide of course because it doesn't preclude china china wants gold iran's got goal they're going to do deals with china and china is preparing itself in this currency war for a post u.s. dollar reserve world and also you've created markets we created the hollywood stock exchange is gold and silver are they fungible commodity well of course i mean this is a joseph how arrogant these policymakers in europe are and why they're going to lose this currency war it's very simple that's why gold is over going higher so of course i said it also applies to oil india joins asian dollar exclusion zone will transact with iran in rupees india and iran have agreed to settle some of their twelve billion dollar annual oil trade in rupees resorting to the restricted currency after more than a year of payment problems in the face of fresh tougher u.s.
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sanctions so zero hedge concludes that to summarize japan china russia india. around the countries which together account for the bulk of the world's productivity and combined are the biggest explorers and producers of energy and now they're all coming up with bilateral deals thus obama's policies are actually creating this situation the final death rattle of the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency right and they hope that this will somehow stimulate their exports at the end of the day and save america and create jobs but what they don't understand is that all they're doing is that they are empowering every single other nation on earth who to be able to escape the senioritis that is the play of the dollar and to grow independent of the u.s. and to completely divorce themselves from the u.s. and it also is the exact same sort of moment why combinator is a seed capital fund for the internet space china is the seed capital you could
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think of as for capitalism at this moment they're the only ones with cash reserves financing a lot of things so they must look at this in the same exact way that y. combinator looked at sopa y. combinator looked at sopa and saw the death rattles of an industry china has to look at this and see the same exact thing that. they're running out of ideas if they're only ideas to shoot somebody and it's certainly a good case to continue to keep accumulating gold and silver states never thanks so much being on the kaiser report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way so stay right there. in the. technology innovation and the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize there. everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy look at the big picture. max kaiser welcome back to the kaiser reports i'm not to go to california and speak with author radio show host mike rupert of collapse that dot com mike welcome to the kaiser report max great to be back with you again all right mike rupert you're in california home to both hollywood and silicon valley what is your take on the soap people debate how is it playing out in the local news there in california clearly in california my take is that the press and the people perceive that sopa and pipa are in a dire straits and i don't think there's much hope to resurrect these bills the
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opposition has been pretty uniform i just made a trip down only recently and met with a number of people in the movie industry and i did not see a lot of concern about it so i think there's another agenda being followed right well clearly it's an assault on hollywood there's a venture capital firm now coming out saying kill hollywood with new ventures that will undermine the hollywood copyright cartel it's an assault on freedom of speech and there's a bit of a civil war because the technology is in northern california the content copyright cartel is in southern california but is it just a sunshine in the end the dope in the drugs that make them impervious to what's going on well i think it's what we're seeing all over the world as old ways of doing business are just no longer viable and no longer productive this is kind of an evolution and i think it's a healthy one where we see more access to copy by more people instead of people holding on trying to squeeze the last nickel out of a lot of an orange now be we've seen a really almost like a move barack style crackdown on the internet by the u.s.
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government over the past year what do you make of that. well we had the big crackdown on mega upload recently which was a big blow which prompted an immediate response from around the net and in the community anonymous struck back i found it hard to have a lot of sympathy for me to upload having been in film myself and having my income depend upon back in net profits which never appeared but nonetheless i don't think it's a major blow and i'm much more concerned about what's hidden behind the sopa axis supposedly as a measure to protect. legitimate copyright or ownership interest for creative works i think there's a much deeper agenda to show off websites like yours mine and many others around the net that's that's that's buried in the language of the act right but. aside from the obvious censoring which they would love to do in the us because they hate
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the idea of competition but getting back to the broader issue of copyright itself copyright needs to be the extensions the term extensions of the past couple of decades should be repealed to keep to be in keeping with the constitution and the idea of fair use the fact they've been allowed to extend out to a lifetime plus seventy five years is a heinous misuse and misinterpretation of what a copyright should be a year in that camp or do you see it differently absolutely i think that you know we live in an era of shortages and one of the big shortages out here is access to good reliable critical information by large numbers of people who can benefit from it and this is a choke on that ok so as a content creator yourself you're weighing the the the benefits of perpetual copyright as lawrence lessig would call it versus open free communications and you feel that the free communications uncensored communication far outweighs in terms
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of importance in terms of protecting a fee a couple hundred thousand. film makers and porno makers and in l.a. now the national defense authorization act the n.d.a. has also making its way through congress at the same time as sopa are these two related do you see that a relationship. indeed in that both are serious assaults on basic liberties protected by the bill of rights in the u.s. constitution you know and they come at it from different directions but it's part of a broader overall agenda which we've seen since the patriot act in two thousand and one of the government of corporations having ever more control on what we see here and what we can say now chris and his is one of these guys that i would imagine the government would love to marginalize even more than they've already marginalized by not having him on mainstream television he thinks that the n.b.a. is basically allowing for the indefinite military detention of american citizens as
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it relates to the upcoming financial collapse so they're kind of making some some moves here because they know that this u.s. economy is in the process of free falling do you see that absolutely no question there has been and we've been tracking this the collapse not for well over a year now as as as this tightening down has taken place and we saw it with the occupy movement also in which i was deeply involved that that the government through whether through homeland security or any parts of the federal government and state governments are are doing everything they can to choke off and preemptively prepare for what they know is going to be civil unrest and i also think they're trying to stir it up themselves so that they can dig advantage of it where the brutal crackdown so not earlier we were reporting on india circumventing the u.s.
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sanctions on iran by using rupees to buy oil this follows on similar news from china russia and. so the these big trading blocks are bypassing the dollar completely and shunning dollars walters' of currency and of course that's one of the keys for the american empire to continue if that goes then the u.s. loses that signora and having the global currency and it's another nail in the coffin there's a make any sense for that policy in the u.s. well clearly what's happened here and i think united states is is really getting pushed back severely on all fronts what if the u.s. gave an oil embargo and nobody came and that's exactly what happened china japan korea india have all said no we're going to continue to buy iranian oil and that in fact chinese purchases of iranian oil is gone up thirty percent in the last year which is confirming for the basic theory and concept of peak oil there is no place
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to go to replace iranian oil the saudis can not up production now what's happening with this and you're absolutely right is we're seeing major moves sometimes on an adequate basis but i think some are more orchestrated as in the forty far east where there's a dollar free zone truth for nations clearly to liberate themselves from from the dollar denominated trap that's there and those moves i think are taking place very quickly and i think what we're seeing now is are only going to accelerate that there is clearly a shift of economic power away from the west europe and the u.s. obviously in decline with relatively speaking china more ascended more powerful certainly they have a lot of cash and a lot of power so i think that all these moves by the west detached from reality as they usually are are just accelerating the decline of western economic power and influence our let's start my era for
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a sack and get your take on this again kind of my my thought exercise carries me think. here you have a country greece they were tricked into the europe by goldman sachs and committed massive accounting fraud we now know that there's no no doubts about this as a result they now are being asked to suffer through massive austerity measures while outside governments and corporations seize control of their income producing assets now on top of this we now they're being told that they can a poor poil from iran because of the this skirmish between read it israel they don't get a loan so greece can't have any more oil what's a course going to crush their economy even more who decided that greece suddenly had to go the way of all flesh and be terminated what why is grace and how did that happen it's the same bunch of idiots that have been running everything else but i notice in the stories today it's big breaking news that the e.u. has supposedly banned iranian oil imports that's going to be
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a joke and it's going to hurt nobody except europe because nobody else is going along with it but in the fine print which i found in a reuters story this morning this ban does not take effect until july and there are side pocket exemptions being granted all over the place so this is a toothless embargo but you know it's it's if we expected sanity to work in these markets max you and i would have been crazy a long time ago i mean there's none of this makes sense from from an overt plainly logical step by step analysis. every nation in europe is going to get hurt and i don't think get it you know. all the system is capable of doing right now because it's so detached from honest dealing with the reality of the world around that it's shooting itself in the foot and that's what we've seen since two thousand and eight and i my group you mention oh these markets are insane they're getting more crazy i
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mean this is actually a theme of davenant's this year they're saying that we need to re-examine this entire model of capital. them and also that david cameron is the prime minister of britain has come out recently said we need to move toward another what he called moral capitalism so the entire model of capitalism has been understood is now under threat. what what is the what's the problem number one and number two other any simple tweaks changes that could be applied to kind of recalibrate this this is this freight train a capitalist capitalism gone off the tracks and. for for me to make it easier for me to function safely with the question i would replace the word capitalism with organized crime and all that we're seeing from the movies from davos david cameron and everybody else you and i both know this is the organized crime people trying to exert more control and somehow smooth out the wrinkles in their criminal mechanism . like a very easy for me last august when conceptually i just took
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a step back from everything that was happening in greece in the buildup to the european crisis which is here now and i said wait a minute all these trillions of dollars of bailouts which are being printed right now require growth above two thousand and seven levels and with the i don't know how many thirteen fifteen twenty trillion stupid number floating out there the physical growth required to satisfy the obligations in the infinite growth paradigm repaying with interest is not possible because of resource limitations whether it's oil energy physical goods or the raw materials used the kind of growth required to pay all this off is just not possible i've had to stop there and back off what i say i'm just going to watch these idiots shoot themselves in the foot because we know what the end game has to be because of physical law rather than press releases right that's an interesting point there they the g.d.p. growth needed to work off the present load of debt would require
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a certain number of barrels of oil to work its way through the economy roughly one trillion barrels of oil and that. one trillion barrels of oil does not exist therefore it would be impossible to work off this debt so debt jubilee at some point is a dead certainty i would imagine your thought is if it comes sooner is better than later i gave a speech in portland oregon september eleventh in which i said that mass universal universal debt forgiveness between. sovereigns and corporations that includes the banks between corporations and corporations and people and corporations is going to have to be wiped out you have to hit that reset otherwise you create the same rickety italian cruise ship that's ready to hit on the rocks the moment the wind changes all right my group at road time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report always a pleasure max all right and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank my guest mike rupert of
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collapse net dot com you can send me an e-mail at kaiser reported r t t v dot ru you can follow me on twitter just go to max kaiser and until next time this is max keiser saying by all.
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i i tonight the polish people on a march against their country signing up to a multinational where. we've got the latest. people fear that these documents will give corporations too much power to take regular users offline i'll explain why in just a few moments. violence flares in syria as a resolution to oust president assad lands on un desks but moscow vows it won't let foreign forces intervene. in the battle for russia's top job goes viral with
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internet campaigns and you tube videos becoming more powerful tools than conventional t.v. debates. live from moscow at eight pm you're watching r.t. will welcome my name is kevin now in our top story this key websites are being hijacked on a day that thousands of internet freedom supporters marched outside in a major to protest it's because the country has just signed up to a global web piracy covering everything from movies and music to fashion and pharmaceuticals but it's not stretches wide. in warsaw to explain well this document called the act of the courtesy trade agreement which has been signed by poland and many other countries other countries in fact.


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